Friday, August 10, 2007


It has been a long time since I have had to take a test. In fact, the last test I remember taking was for the Ohio Medical Board exam in December, 1999. It was a daunting, overwhelming feeling and add to it I was so pregnant the doctors kept stopping by to see if I was ok, bringing me water, etc. I had Sous Chef 13 days later.

Well, today I had to take another test. Not nearly as extensive, time consuming, life altering or mentally challenging, but daunting none the less. It was a written drivers license exam! I missed the first question, I was not off to a good start! I can't remember the exact question, but I think it had something to do with semi-trucks. I also missed a DUI question about what happens if you refuse to take the test and I missed how far the sound of your car horn should go - it's 200 feet in case you are interested. Out of 40 questions, you can only miss 11. In the end, I got 30 out of 35 questions and then it stopped since I could not fail at that point. Thank God they opted out of conducting a driving test! Can anyone really properly parallel park a minivan?

Killed another spider today. Actually, Motorcycle Guy was home this morning so he did it. It was hairy and I saw it as I was coming up the basement steps. I did not have any shoes on and I stood at the bottom of the steps yelling for him to come to get it. He also continues to be shocked at how many and how big the spiders are. I had to laugh that something that is about 1/1000th of my size had me cornered at the bottom of the stairs!

Last night we tried a new Indian restaurant. We have a few favorites in town, but decided to try this one since we had heard good things about it. It was absolute heaven! I tried a dish I had not had before - Shrimp Tandoor Masala. I usually get Shrimp Bhuna or Shrimp Vindaloo. It was mouthwatering and I will be going online to try to find the recipe. I love Chicken Curry but many years ago, a friend of mine who is married to an Indian man, gave me her MIL's recipe for Chicken Curry. I have now mastered it so that it is as good, if not sometimes better, than any restaurant version, so I don't get that when I go out.

We then headed to Graeter's for ice cream. This is truly the best ice cream in the world and is the only place anywhere that still makes ice cream by the French pot process. I had a Hot Fudge Sundae!

Motorcycle Guy stayed home this morning to give me a foot massage! He had a conference call that he took care of from here. He was supposed to give me a foot massage last night but didn't stay awake long enough to watch MAD MEN with me or do the massage. So this morning when I woke up (9:30!) he was still here waiting to give me my much needed foot massage!

My kiddos are due back today. Under normal circumstances they would have left by now to drive home. I talked to my in-laws earlier however, and Motorcycle Guy's aunt, who has inoperable/incurable brain cancer, was being rushed to the hospital. She is the wife of my father-in-law's youngest brother and just lives a couple of blocks from them in Pitt. Jimmy called to say she "was comatose" and he had called 911, so my FIL went to see if there was any help he could provide. Her blood counts have been quite low and she had a blood transfusion yesterday. I do not have any more details than that. We pray that when the time comes for her that she has a peaceful passing and her husband, children, grandchildren and other loved ones find comfort in that. Their faith is strong and while they have had some time to accept this diagnosis, we all know it does not take away the pain of losing someone you love. This is Motorcycle Guy's favorite aunt and one of my children's favorite in-law relatives (besides the grandparents, of course) so it will be a sad day when the time arrives. She is only in her late 50's. I am happy my children got to spend some time with her while they were visiting the last week and a half.

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