Saturday, August 4, 2007


It's a relaxing Saturday in our household this morning. Though CJ tends to get up around 7:30 every day, he is able to entertain himself on the computer or watching TV until the rest of us decide to get up - unless he gets hungry! With Big E and Sous Chef in Pitt, it's pretty quiet.

The three of us went to dinner last night to the Black Forest restaurant. If you can't tell by the name, it's a German restaurant. This area has a predominant German history. The Oktoberfest here is crazy and the city, in it's very early years, was known as the Porkopolis since this was the area of the country that had the most pig slaughtering/pork producing factories (lovely thought, huh?) It is still referred to as the Porkopolis due to that history. I was not in the mood for pork, veal or rabbit with sauerkraut or spaetzle, so I had fried shrimp - the all American dish. Motorcycle Guy did have a German meal and it looked yummy, but just not for me that day. We did get a piece of their Black Forest mousse cake and we all loved it, especially CJ.

We are off to a 40th birthday party tonight for a friend. CJ is excited - he loves parties and he knows there will be people his age to run around with. He had a blast yesterday in our old neighborhood, which he has no recollection of, playing in the pool and sprinkler and having popsicles. I had fun seeing some people I had not seen since before we moved from Ohio and met a few new people that moved in after we left. The playgroup host is a friend and is also our real estate agent. Her husband and another husband were also there and we had a nice relaxing lunch while the kids played.

Take care and have a great weekend!

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