Saturday, August 11, 2007

S-A-T-U-R-D-A-Y Night

Well, it's not really night yet and if you are under the age of 38, you may not even recognize my heading as a Bay City Rollers' song. Or maybe you are over the age of 38 and still don't recognize it. Please don't ask me to sing it for you, but maybe you can Google the song title and hear it online.

We are heading out tonight to a local church festival. We have enjoyed going to this since we moved to the suburbs in 1996! We missed having church festivals in Kansas. That was just not something the Catholic churches did there. Here, most Catholic churches have awesome festivals to raise money. Lots of food, beer, rides and games, along with bands/music, dancing and in general, a big party. The kids have always enjoyed going and since the heat has given us a 1-2 day reprieve before it's supposed to heat up again, we are planning to go.

My father-in-law, Big E and Sous Chef and nephews arrived last night. My nephews are ages 13 and 10 - Max, 13, is SIX feet tall and Leo, 10, is larger in height and weight than I am. I won't reveal my weight, but I am 5'3". Big E and Sous Chef look so small compared to them, actually, I look so small compared to them! It was good to see them. Their parents are not overly interested in maintaining contact beyond a few phone calls a year, so we only see them about once a year, and sometimes not even then. It's kind of sad, because the kids get along so well and really enjoy each other.

Aunt B has pneumonia now on top of her cancer. It is not unexpected due to all of her medications compromising her immune system and she is not always mobile, which allows that fluid in her lungs to build up. They are keeping her in the hospital. The good news is they did an MRI and the cancer has not grown or spread. She is on some chemo drugs, via pill, not so much to get rid of the cancer because that is not possible, but mostly to slow the growth and also to help keep the swelling down and keep her comfortable. They did need to reduce that medication until she gets through this. I have not had any updates today, but this is as much information as we got late last night.

Spider #7.

Have a good weekend!

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