Thursday, August 2, 2007


Last night and today, the country, and probably the world, watched with much shock, horror and sadness at the devastation caused by the collapsing of a highly traveled bridge in the Twin Cities during rush hour. I have varied connections to this city - a friend who was raised there and still considers it "home" and has many family and friends there, and a couple of friends from high school who live there. My friend's family and friends are accounted for. My friends from high school I no longer keep in touch with on a regular basis but I hope they and their loved ones are safe. I expect if that changes, I will be getting a phone call or e-mail. I pray I don't.

Tomorrow I am going to a playgroup in my old neighborhood. This is a playgroup that I took a turn at heading up for a year or two when we lived in Ohio previoulsy. It will be fun to get back to old friends and not have to go through all of the introductory questions and conversations I am becoming accustomed to. I know these conversations will pass as we live here longer and make solid friendships, but some days it just wears me out! Making friends is hard and I struggle to not be too judgemental. Many years ago I made the decision to not make such quick conclusions about people when I first meet them. I have not forced myself to be friends with people that I am clearly not compatible with, but I have definitely made friends with people I would probably not have if I had made a decision based on my first reaction to them. Again, sometimes this wears me out, but it has been worth the work on my part and I am thankful for those I have met along the way. I hope they feel the same about their friendships with me.

CJ will love getting out and being with some kids his age. He is really missing Big E and Sous Chef and asked me at least 100 times today when they would be home and if we could go pick them up today. He is not used to being an only child and even with the one on one attention he is getting from me, I guess it's not the same as wrestling and playing video games with his brothers.

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