Monday, August 13, 2007

Old Navy

Have you heard Old Navy has come out with three new styles of jeans? The Diva (lowest rise), The Flirt (mid rise), The Sweetheart (classic rise) and the one I don't see mentioned on the TV ad, The Goddess (natural rise). I am wondering why they didn't come out with The Front Butt (full tummy control). For those who are not aware of what a front butt is, it is a term I first heard from my friend, Shelley S. It refers to when the profile of your tummy has the same 3-D, rounded appearance as your butt. I could definitely use a pair of those!

Aunt B, Motorcycle Guy's aunt, is not doing so well. She is in ICU and they are having to aspirate her lungs today of the fluid that is building up. They know for sure she has pneumonia, and her scans show a lesion that, in theory, looks like TB, but they are 99.9% sure she does NOT have it. However, because there is a slight chance she does, she is in isolation and everyone has to wear masks when they are with her. By aspirating the fluid from her lungs, they will be able to test for the exact viruses and/or bacterias she may have and to rule out the slight chance of TB, and use more specific drugs to treat the infection. They have made it clear that the success rate for treating a serious bout of pneumonia like this is not good with the compromised immune system Aunt B has and that the pneumonia they are seeing is common in advanced cancer patients. We continue to pray for comfort for Aunt B, her husband and their children and grandchildren.

Things are back to the usual loud house we are accustomed to. In between the fighting, the playing and the laughing, there are short moments of quiet. That's usually when they have food in their mouths! Big E has already called my parents and the three boys will be going to stay all night with them on Friday. There's a good chance my niece will be going, too. They wanted one more sleepover at Nana's and Gramps's before school starts next Wednesday. We go this week for orientations and tours of the buildings and two days before school starts we will go to Open Houses to meet their teachers. I still have a few more supplies to buy before the first day. Big E already decided what he is wearing.

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