Wednesday, August 1, 2007

My usual ramblings...

I drove to Columbus again today! That's three times in nine days. I think that's more than I drove to Columbus in the three years prior to us moving from Ohio. I met my father-in-law in Columbus to hand off Big E and Sous Chef for their trip to Pitt. They will be back in ten days. They have never been gone this long before. The longest we have all been separated is eight days and during that time they were in the comfort of their own home, not at someone else's house. They'll have fun but CJ is already asking when we can go to get them - he's lonely! Motorcycle Guy is out of town tonight, so CJ and I went to a local Mexican restaurant. It was delicious! I am always excited when I find a good locally owned restaurant that I like. You know how I LOVE food and eating out.

Today we received a check! Yippee! We totally forgot that our escrow money needed to be paid out and the check unexpectedly came today. What a nice surprise - we will be going out for a nice dinner! The rest will be saved to use toward future projects we have in store for our new house in the next few years.

I received Big E's and Sous Chef's student IDs today and was able to look up information on the school website with them. IDs were compliments of my family friend I mentioned in yesterday's post. Big E will be catching the bus about an hour earlier than he went to school last year in OP. Yikes - we are not morning people! Sous Chef's bus comes about 1/2 hour later than he went to school last year. This is great for him, as he is the worst of us when it comes to not being morning people! We will be attending orientations and school tours for each of the schools in about two weeks. I hope that will take some of the overwhelmed feeling out of the beginning of school year. Sous Chef is kind of oblivious to it all, but I know Big E understands the large size of his school and not knowing anyone. I certainly am aware of it and feel anxious for him. I was never the new kid since my parents still live in the house I moved to when I was three! I don't know what it feels like, but it must be scary.

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