Thursday, August 9, 2007

It's getting hotter in here.

Yesterday the temperature on my van thermometer read 103, today at about 1:00, it read 102. I wasn't even sure the thermometer went to three digits, but now I know. We are still under a heat emergency and it has been extended to Sunday. I am still amazed and disgusted that there is a segment of our international society that believes global warming does not exist! One of the local news stations did a survey yesterday regarding which is worse: extreme hot or extreme cold. I would definitely choose extreme cold. For me, when it's extremely cold, it is immedate from the time you walk out the door. I get cold to the bone with that first breath of ice cold air. When it's this hot, it takes a good five or more minutes for me to be uncomfortable. If I have gotten into the car, by the time that five minutes would hit me, the car is cool enough, even if not as cool as I like it. With cold weather, it just takes longer to warm up. I was in the minority, however, and the majority of the callers voted that extreme heat is worse.

My dryer is working again (see post from two days ago). Later on the day it broke, I went in to give it another try and it started right up. I guess I have the "Fonzie" touch. Let's hope it keeps working. My laundry load has been significantly less with two less people in the house.

CJ realized today is Aug. 9 and then quickly did the "math" to know that tomorrow is the 10th and Sous Chef and Big E will be coming home. He is happy, especially since I just dropped him off to spend the night with Nana and Gramps. He will be fully entertained until he comes home and then Big E and Sous Chef will arrive shortly thereafter.

I had dinner with a childhood friend last night. We've known each other since elementary school and have remained friends over the years. We went all the way through high school together. We were friends during high school, but she was much better behaved than me so we didn't hang out much during those years. We lost touch during college and several years later we reconnected and have stayed in touch ever since. I really enjoy spending time with those long term relationships. There's so much history there and so many things from the past to talk about while also sharing the present and the future.

Shortly after I got home, I received an e-mail from another childhood friend. I've known her since I was about 4 or 5 years old and we grew up in the same schools until college. Actually, there's not a time in my life that I can remember when I didn't know her. She had sad news that the brother of a friend had passed away in his sleep. He was 39 years old and was a year ahead of us in school. He went to bed and just didn't wake up the next day. They believe it was heart failure, but she did not have any details. How scary and sad. He leaves behind three children and his parents and siblings, along with his friends.

Also after I got home, we got a phone call. I started waiting for this call on Sunday night after I put some change of address letters in the mail. When Motorcycle Guy and I got married, he owned a two family house in the city. We lived upstairs and this darling elderly woman lived downstairs and she was raising her grandson, Adam. She lived in that house when Motorcycle Guy bought it years before he and I met and she stayed there until we sold it. We have always kept in touch with her and she calls us every time we send her information about our family. We have gotten a phone call with the birth of each child and also when we move. She is doing good, she's in her mid 80's now. She moved several years ago to Kentucky to be nearer to a daughter who helps take care of her. She still lives on her own, but has the comfort of being closer to a family member who helps her out on a regular basis. I love to hear from her and whenever I put something in the mail I look forward to her call. I will be sad the day those calls stop.

Motorcycle Guy got to hang one of his own decorations last night. We saved a specific wall just for this and he was so excited to pick it up yesterday. It is an 1850 Seth Thomas railway clock. He loves clocks and he loves this clock. It is obviously old and needed some general repair work so it has been to the clock shop for about two weeks. The special part about this clock is that we know Seth Thomas IV, who passed away several years ago and is the father of a dear friend of mine. He loved clocks and collected and restored all types of Seth Thomas clocks, watches, etc.
Well, those are my thoughts for today. Motorcycle Guy and I are on our own tonight with no kids, so that can only mean one thing ... we are going out to dinner! Yummy, we are off to an Indian restaurant.

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