Monday, August 6, 2007

Heat Emergency

It is hot! We are under a heat emergency until Wednesday morning. I have not seen much news beyond the local weather, but I would guess this may be happening all over the midwest. YIKES! It's even too hot for the pool, if it weren't cloudy and on the verge of raining.

We had a good weekend. We went to a party on Saturday for a friend's 40th b-day. I got to see, and hold, another new baby who was born a few weeks before we moved back. We have two friends expecting babies during the winter.

We hung curtains in our family room. It's amazing that something as minor as curtains can add a whole new look to a room. We also hung a couple more pictures. That room now looks like a home and not a college apartment. I have one rather large wall that I am a little overwhelmed with. I am just not sure what to put on it, so right now it is blank. I have a feeling it will be that way until one of my highly qualified decorating friends makes a visit. I have ideas about what to do, I'm just not sure and don't really have enough detailed ideas to start looking to buy something. I would prefer it just magically appear at my house and skip the shopping. I hate that part!

Have I mentioned this house has a lot of spiders? For those who know me, even just a little, you know how much I hate spiders! I have been keeping track of how many spiders I have killed since we have lived here - SIX. There was a seventh one on Saturday, literally as I was getting rid of the sixth one, but it was hairy and I had to assign Motorcycle Guy that task. He has already killed several, too. Most of them are garden spiders and they are not small, but they are not hairy; they are fast, but don't jump, so I am ok going after them, so far, anyway. At our previous house in Ohio, we had those big, hairy wolf spiders and I hated it when I found those and Motorcycle Guy was not home. That only happened twice, but me and my kids remember it well. They still say, "Mom hates spiders" because of the two times they witnessed me going after those suckers! I can tell you the number of spiders I killed in Kansas - NONE! Motorcycle Guy only killed two that I know of. The reason I remember these is because I found one of them and had Motorcycle Guy "take care of it" and the other one was so big that Motorcycle Guy had to give me the details because even he was a little freaked by it. We had just moved there and I think he was concerned all of the spiders were going to be like that. Thankfully they weren't. I am hoping that for now, spiders like heat and that they stay outside and that they don't want in the air conditioning with us!

CJ is still missing Sous Chef and Big E. He has stopped asking so much about them coming home, but he does talk to each of them on the phone everyday. Sous Chef and Big E are excited because my father-in-law got a pet snake. It is an Albino King snake and eats frozen mice. He used to have a BIG boa constrictor, but this snake is much smaller than that. Big E and Sous Chef will be home on Friday and my FIL and two nephews will be staying all night before they go on to Michigan for the nephews to go home.

That's all for today. Try to stay cool and stay hydrated (beer, margaritas, mojitos and Captain/Coke don't count for hydration!).

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