Monday, August 27, 2007


Today, I went grocery shopping at Bigg's. This store is similar to Super Target or Super Walmart - groceries plus clothes, household goods, gardening and more. I am still learning my way around this store, so it seemed to take me forever! They have a lot of organic stuff and it fits in with my new found "healthful" (I use that term loosely, we still love junk and fast food!) eating. At Bigg's you bag your own groceries, which is a way they keep their costs down, supposedly. Anyway, I kind of like it, because I can bag things so it is easier to unload at home. For example, I put all of my freezer items in one bag. I then only have to unload the bag from the van directly to our deep freezer, which is in the garage. Much quicker than carrying it all in and then unbagging it all to one bag or making several trips to the freezer. I try to do the same with my other items, but sometimes the belt carrying the groceries is a little faster than my grocery organization skills. I did good today, but other days I have felt like the episode of I LOVE LUCY when Lucy and Ethel went to work in the candy factory and started eating the chocolates because they couldn't package them fast enough.

I did some other grocery shopping, too. Around here, schools do fundraising through a food co-op type place called Market Day. I loved this when we lived in the area before and it was one of the fundraisers I actually liked to volunteer for. Well, they do it here in our new school district, too. I got the flyer/catalog today and have already gone online to place my order. Their chicken tenders are excellent and they have good shrimp, too. I could not pass up the apple blossoms, whcih are thinly sliced apples wrapped in a fluffly pastry. I already feel an extra five pounds landing on my gut from these, especially after I add vanilla ice cream! Of course, none of their items fit into the "organic food" definition, but that's ok.

Big E and Sous Chef went back to school yesterday and today, but tomorrow is looking a little iffy for Big E. He has had several episodes of more diarrhea this evening and is complaining of a stomach ache. I sure hope he is better by tomorrow. I would hate for him to miss another school day so early in the year. Add to it that my husband is out of town again and I have some errands to do during the day tomorrow plus M&M playgroup for CJ. We are also having my friend, Mairi and her son, Cole, from M&M, over for dinner. It's just an all around bad time for sick kids in this house. CJ had an episode of diarrhea himself this evening. What he thought was going to be gas was not and off to the toilet he ran. Unfortunately, his underwear fell victim to the loaded fart. Since it was mostly liquid, it was easily cleaned. He had on his brand new Thomas the Tank Engine underwear which he discovered at the store yesterday. He was walking along with me and all of a sudden I hear a little "gasp" and I turned around and he had stopped dead in his tracks, mouth open, eyes twinkling at the underwear stand! He was very excited this morning when they had been washed and he could wear them.

That's all I have today. Motorcycle Guy left this afternoon until Sunday. He'll be home Sunday evening until Monday and then gone again Tuesday through Friday. He leaves again later this month for a trip to Canada with the guys.

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