Wednesday, August 29, 2007

A fun and busy day

We were on the move today! I was up early to squeeze in a shower prior to Big E getting up for school. His bowels seemed to be cooperating and he felt pretty good this morning and off to school he went. When he got home, he said he was feeling good. Hopefully that is the end of that for him and Sous Chef. CJ also has not had any more explosive episodes!

After Big E & Sous Chef were off to school, CJ and I ran a couple of errands and then went to M&M playgroup. It was at the home of someone I had not met yet and probably would have really liked if I had the chance to get to know her. She is moving to Seattle towards the end of September! From there we ran a couple more errands, came home for lunch and took naps. At about 3:30, my friend Mairi showed up with her son Cole and they were here until after 8:00. We had dinner, went to the neighborhood pool and hung out and chatted. It was nice having someone to babble with. She likes to talk, too, so we get along great.

Update on my eyebrows - they are filling in nicely. My right eyebrow still has a couple of bare spots, but I think I see some hairs trying to grow in (or maybe it's just wishful thinking!). I am keeping my fingers crossed. I also realized today, my hair is longer than it has been since college. I let it grow out about three years ago, but it is even longer than that now. "Longer than that" means it is actually hanging below my chin! My bangs are driving me crazy, but I will deal with it for now. I am so paranoid to have someone new cut my hair because this length is practically a record for me and if someone messed it up I don't know what I would do! I am seriously considering not getting it cut until I go to Kansas City for the Ladies Lounge trip and see if I can squeeze in a hair appt. to my stylist there!

Speaking of the Ladies Lounge, the Ladies Lounge (LL) is a lake house in MO that I started going to with some women shortly after I moved to Kansas. I went on the "maiden voyage" to the LL with a group of women who really didn't know each other very well. We had so much fun, that by the end of the weekend we had already planned the next trip for six months later. It wasn't very long before we started doing the trip three times a year, with the summer trip being extended to four days this summer and renting a pontoon boat. What a blast! Who could ask for much more than a relaxing, warm, sunny day, on a boat with good friends and alcohol? It was wonderful. Anyway, the next trip is early November and I intend to make the trip. I will not let a little thing like 600 miles keep me away from the LL! It will be so good to see my KS friends!

The Ladies Lounge got it's name after several of us bought pj's at the Dollar Store in the dinky town we stay in. Not the typical place for my shopping needs, but when I say dinky town, I mean DINKY. The pj's have two 1960's dancing women holding drinks on the shirt with Ladies Lounge embroidered on it. The pants have beatnik looking men playing the drums and the girls dancing again. It is the perfect name for the getaway house. Motorcycle Guy just calls it the "Ladies Binge Drinking Weekend." I can't imagine why... In addition to the fun we have around the house, we have been known to venture out and steal rather unique signs for future parties!

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