Wednesday, August 22, 2007

First day of school

I was up bright and early to shower and be ready for school along with Big E and Sous Chef. I don't always do this on a regular school day, but as I was getting ready I thought, "You never know when you are going to have to be at school on short notice, so it's probably best to be ready and not have to show up in my pj's and bed head." Do you see the foreshadowing...

Big E was up and ready to go. He was excited, but his usual cranky self when we fuss over him too much. Motorcycle Guy made breakfast for him while I was getting ready (you never know when you have to go to school on short notice!). The three of us were ready to head outside and Big E has made it clear he does NOT want us at the bus stop with him, which is on the corner of our culdesac about one house away, and NO PICTURES! Of course, we took the pictures, some of which he is walking away from the camera and/or covering his face. Our neighbor came out to walk her dog and let Big E know that she even took pictures of her freshman in HS son this morning and her son who just left for college and soon to leave for college daughter. Basically, the school photos never end and that made Big E chuckle. We did let him go to the bus stop with the two neighbor boys from our culdesac and we sat on the porch until the bus came. Shortly after walking into the house, I realized Big E forgot his lunch. Trip #1 to school (more foreshadowing...).

Sous Chef got up and was excited for his first day. I made his favorite breakfast - french toast. We went out to take pictures, no arguments from him, and walked him to the same bus stop and waited. And waited. And waited. This was not a concern at first since when we lived in Ohio previously it was not uncommon for the buses to be 45 minutes late on the first day. However, a jogger went by and said "still waiting for a bus?" and the fact that Big E's bus was right on time started to concern us, mainly me. Motorcycle Guy came in to get his watch and it was 9:08. School starts for Sous Chef at 9:10. We waited. Then I came in to check the bus schedule to make sure I had the time right and I did. So I called the school. They could not reach the transportation office but they did know of at least one bus that was late. After talking to them for a minute, they thought I should just bring him up to school. Trip #2 and hopefully the final trip for today. Once we got there, the building manager and I were talking and a volunteer mom overheard us. Her children ride the same bus and she said they barely made it and their neighbors missed it because it was running 8-10 minutes EARLY! What kind of school system has buses that run early on the first day? : ) Tomorrow we will be out there about 10 minutes early so I don't have to make another trip.

I went to Bunko last night in my "old" neighborhood. It was at Beth's house, Mary-Kate's mom, and they live about two doors down and across the street from our previous house in that neighborhood. When I got there, two of my friends were sitting on the front porch - no one was home. Another neighbor came and then another. One other neighbor, who plays bunko, too, came driving by. She then told us bunko was canceled due to the untimely and tragic death of a pet bird. Normally, this wouldn't bring a bunko game to a cancelation, but being that the bird is a baby bird of Mary-Kate's two pet birds had some serious impact on Beth and her son, Matt. They had let Swifty and the parents out of the cage for some flying time while they rearranged the cages. The adult birds have laid six more eggs and they were moving Swifty, the recently hatched bird, to a cage of his own. Apparently, he tried to land on a wooden window blind and couldn't get his balance, fell to the floor and broke his neck. With the birds being a living connection to MK, it hit them a little harder than the typical bird death would.

On a more fun note, three of us went out for drinks and snacks. It was a good time. We went to a local bar/restaurant that we used to go to we used to live there.

After getting home from my evening out, I was headed to the basement and, of course, saw a big spider at the bottom of the steps. Motorcycle Guy killed it. This one was moving fast, too, so I was glad I didn't have to try to do it. I won't count it on my spider killing count since I didn't actually kill it. Motorcycle Guy wants me to call an exterminator. It may or may not help since spiders are not exterminated in the same manner as other bugs. We'll see.

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