Wednesday, August 8, 2007


When we moved recently, we chose satellite TV and decided to finally get a DVR. Since doing this, we have taped TAXI DRIVER, ONE FLEW OVER THE CUCKOO'S NEST, EASY RIDER, kids shows/movies and are currently taping a series, MAD MEN, on the AMC channel. Motorcycle Guy got me into this show and it is quite good. It is based in early 1960's New York and revolves around a Madison Avenue advertising business and the men, women and their families. The story line is good, but what we seem to enjoy most is how it really depicts the difference of the times. Women had not made an "equal" place in society or in the home, smoking and drinking were commonplace , even for pregnant women, no seatbelts in cars but they do have open alcoholic beverages, divorce was uncommon and left the ex-wife and the children with a bad reputation, etc. etc. I can't think of any current show I have seen in the last decade where all the characters are smoking - at work and at home - and have a drink in their hand the majority of the time. If you get the chance, you should watch it!

The weather continues to cause misery across the midwest. They are calling for record high temperatures for us and I believe many other parts of the country, too. There appears to be no end in site as they are saying this will continue through next week! Stay cool and hydrated.

I had my first playgroup today with my "new" M&M chapter. The kids got along well and the moms seem very nice. They are not very active in M&M besides playgroup, so that stinks for me a little bit since I enjoy the evening, mom's only activities more so than playgroups and was hoping to meet moms in my playgroup who also participate beyond playgroup. However, I think I will enjoy hanging out with them once a week while our kids play. One little boy is going to the same preschool as CJ but in the morning and CJ goes afternoons. Just before the playgroup started, of course I had another outbreak of ants. I was afraid the women would leave the house thinking "gross, we're never going back there again." This time, I killed the ants in wet papertowels and sprayed another area where I think they were making their entrance. Thank goodness the Raid really does smell "outdoor fresh" and not like the bug killer that it is! We spent the majority of our time in the basement away from the ants, so either way, it ended up not being a problem. I don't think one ant was spotted by any visitors. I had visions of a three year old child screaming out "look, mommy, there's a line of ants coming into the kitchen!"Have a good day and stay cool.

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