Wednesday, August 15, 2007


I don't know what to title today, so I am not going to.

We will be leaving for Pittsburgh early on Friday for the last of Motorcycle Guy's aunt's visitations Friday evening and her Mass of Christian Burial will be on Saturday morning. Everyone here is doing well. Big E has had a lot of questions as I tell him about the events that will take place. I have found some of them difficult to answer. Some of them have been, "What is a funeral home?" Once I started to explain that's where they prepare the body and have the visitation, his eyes got huge and he said "What do you mean 'body?'" and "What is a casket?" Then I went into the explanation of how her body will be there but she won't be talking, laughing, etc. I also explained a casket is a very pretty box that the earthly body will be buried in and explained burial sites. Ok, I admit, I may not be doing so well here, these are HARD questions! I also had to explain what the visitation was and that her funeral will be very similar to our Sunday church services and that it is a time to celebrate that a soul is welcomed into heaven by God and the angels. This has also spurred a lot of questions about Big E's friend, Mary-Kate's death and her funeral. We were living in KS at the time of her death last summer and I flew to Ohio alone to attend her services so he only had my experiences I shared with him regarding this. I am sure since he wasn't there with me it was hard for him to take it all in.

Sous Chef is asking more basic questions, "How do you get sick?" "How did she die?" "Why did she die so young?" type stuff. I can handle those pretty well! Motorcycle Guy is doing well and is thankful that his aunt passed peacefully and did not live out the rest of her life with the pain, anguish and deterioration of what brain cancer would do to her mind and body.

Motorcycle Guy's uncle, to quote my father-in-law, is running on fumes and hadn't slept since she passed. Hopefully last night he got some rest. I am just trying to keep everyone moving forward and answer questions to the best of my ability in addition to planning for a short trip. CJ will be staying with my parents. We feel he is too young and would not sit through a funeral mass quietly and I would like to be able to focus on helping Big E and Sous Chef with any questions or care they need. Since it is out of town, we have no care options for him in Pitt. I would have liked for him to be at the visitation and the reception after the funeral, but we decided it was more than we want to take on at this time.

On a lighter note, Motorcycle Guy put a water purifier on our refrigerator water and ice maker. Oh my, the difference it makes. The water here is awful. It tasted like we were drinking from pool chemicals. And even worse, my tea tasted bad. I am somewhat "famous" for my tea. I had a few friends in OP ask me to show them how to make tea, and before we moved to OP, my local friends frequently requested that I bring tea to any social events! Since we have been back, one of those friends asked me again last week what my secret is. She said ever since I moved, whenever she goes to the neighborhood events, she would stop at a drive thru to get tea because my tea would not be there. She still does this! My only "secrets" are to use Luzianne tea bags and yummy, purified water! There, the secret is out and now everyone can do it.

The other night I made Chicken Vindaloo. I was so hungry for Indian food after our recent visit to Hi Bombay! that I was going nuts. I had printed a recipe for Shrimp Vindaloo and amazingly enough, I had all 15 or so spices. I did not have any shrimp, so I used chicken. Vindaloo is a Southern Indian (Goa) inspired dish and usually means "the hottest curry one can imagine." It was scrumptious and may have been even better than my Chicken Curry and it is a little less time intensive. It's also not as fattening since it does not use coconut milk like my chicken curry recipe. I can't wait to make it again, with shrimp the next time! It may become a once a week dish for us.

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