Sunday, July 22, 2007

Whistle while you work ....

Motorcycle Guy and my dad got major painting completed yesterday. They started painting around 11:00am and didn't finish until 11:00pm. They did break for lunch and dinner. Now our downstairs bathroom and our eat-in kitchen area and family room are complete, along with the painting done prior to us moving in. There is some touch up and trim work to be completed, but that's the easy part. It looks GREAT! Prior to us moving here, EVERY single room in this house was beige! We need to repaint the dining room and paint the hallway stairs to the basement to match the entryway and then the first floor paint is done. Then on to the final decorating touches. That's the point where I become a little overwhelmed and may need to incorporate some help. We also have to do the bedrooms and bathrooms upstairs. I think we will leave the basement be for now.

My brother and his family came for dinner, minus one nephew who was working. This was the first we have seen them since we moved here. We had a good evening and my niece and my kids planned a sleepover at Nana's and Gramps's for Friday night. Everyone is excited.

On Friday night, I went to a M&M Game Night. It wasn't the same as hanging out with my "old" chapter for Bunko or MNO, but it was fun. There were only four local members there and one visiting from Tampa, who knows a woman from my KS chapter that recently moved from Tampa to OP. Small world! I was told the turnout in the summers are low, but I already knew that since my previous chapter had the same situation in the summer months. It will take me some time to feel like I belong in this chapter. They had several questions about how things were done where I came from and some of the ideas were very well received. They are in need of a co-leader starting in October....

Tomorrow, me and the boys are going to COSI, the children's science museum in Columbus, OH. The most exciting part is we are meeting one of Big E's best buddies from Overland Park there with his mom. They are visiting family in the Cleveland area, so we are meeting there for the day and to have dinner together. Big E is so excited and I know his friend is, too!

Today is Sunday and every weekend we have been here I have said, "Tomorrow I am going to go to church" or I think, "Saturday night I will go to church so I don't have to get up on Sunday." Well, here it is, Sunday morning at 10:25, and I am sitting at the computer! I know I won't be going next weekend because Motorcycle Guy is out of town and I am not taking all three kids when there is no Sunday School. Normally, I would put them in their Sunday School classes and go to the service alone, but Sunday School is out for the summer. We are expecting to return to the church we left when we moved from OH. There is a new pastor, so I need to do a couple of "test" runs before we make that commitment. I hope it works, because I really don't want to look for a new church!

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