Sunday, July 29, 2007

Weekend Update

My weekend update will not be nearly as funny or entertaining as the SNL version! We went to Columbus yesterday to see long time friends. Motorcycle Guy and Ian have known each other since just after college. Ian and his wife, Becky, started dating about the same time as Motorcycle Guy and I. They got married the year before us and their two children are each a year younger than our two oldest. They were in our wedding and we even vacationed with them in London one year. We had a good time and it was fun to share our old, funny stories and to hear some new ones. I was happy to see they have each gotten tattoos since I last saw them. Our kids got along great and they are already asking to visit again.

Motorcycle Guy rode his motorcycle home from Columbus via the back roads. It took him several hours, partially because he stopped to see another friend along the way. He also bought some delicious sweet corn from a farmer who had a stand. Motorcycle Guy drove up to the farm, asked for 12 ears of corn, the farmer went to the edge of the corn field and picked them and we had VERY fresh corn on the cob for dinner. Sweet corn in OH is like no other corn. That was one thing we missed when we were in KS.

One other observation I made this weekend is that my hair is not nearly as curly, big or frizzy as it used to be. I don't know if this is just temporary while it adjusts to new water or what, but it's kind of nice. I blew it dry yesterday and didn't even need the flat iron except to get my bang area, which is quite long, under control. It's still wavy, but nothing that the hair dryer can't handle. It's humid here, so it certainly isn't the lack of moisture. I assume it's just going through an adjustment period and eventually I will be back to the frizz and puff. I have been using a different conditioner occasionally, so maybe that is it.

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