Tuesday, July 31, 2007

School days

Today we found out that Big E was assigned the teaching team we requested! In this school system, for students up to grade 6, you can list your top six requests for teaching teams. Big E got the team I listed as our #1 choice. I have a life long family friend who works for his school, so maybe that helped! I have known her since I was born - my dad and her dad have known each other since high school, we have spent many holidays and special occasions together and my oldest brother married her older sister. I am comforted at having someone so close in a school system where we are virtual strangers. Big E will be in a school with about 2,500 students from grades 4 through 6. You can do that math - he is in a 5th grade class of 800 kids! WOW.

Sous Chef's situation will not be the same and since I don't have an "insider" at his school, I will have to wait until Friday to find out about his teachers. There are two schools for grades 2 through 3, so his numbers will be about 1/2 of Big E's. Once the Elementary School kids move to the Intermediate School, where Big E currenlty is, the two elementary schools will come together. They then stay together as a "graduating" class until they graduate from the high school (except those who move, switch to private school, etc.). The Elementary Schools are split between the community and there is an Early Childhood Center for pre-school through grade 1. This is very different than our previous school system, but just like the school system we lived in previous to our KS move. It is pretty common around here for kids to move with their entire grade/graduating class from kindergarten on. I can see the pros and cons of the way it is here and the way it was in KS, but I will miss having the school right down the street from my house! Instead of a five minute walk to pick up a sick kid or go to see a school program, I will have a ten minute drive and the hassle of parking in a lot that may or may not accomodate all of the parents and their cars coming to the program.

Anything else you want to know about our new school district? : )

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