Friday, July 20, 2007


Today I colored my hair. For those who know me well, you know I have had every color under the sun, except for blue. I don't get too upset when my haircolor doesn't turn out so well, but over the years, I have lost my"coloring" touch. The main reason? Actually, there are two -
  1. I didn't color my hair for over a year.
  2. 2. I can't remember from one time to the next what color I used the previous time. I have stopped doing all of the crazy colors and sticking to colors closer to my natural color.

Several months ago, I colored my hair a color I really liked. When I went back to buy the color the next time, I couldn't remember which it was. I picked between two that I thought it might be. I was wrong, though it wasn't a bad color. This time, I bought the color I thought I should have the last time. Still wrong. It said dark blond on the box, but it is browner than it has been in a long time. I don't dislike it, I was just wanting something lighter for the remainder of the summer. Maybe after a couple of shampoos and a few trips to the pool and chlorine, it will be closer to what I was expecting. In the meantime, this is a great winter color and I wrote the color name down this time!

We will be finishing up our family room and bathroom painting tomorrow and hopefully the upstairs hallway. The dining room turned out a little different than expected (kind of like the haircolor) so I need to find a new color for that. I am looking for the perfect shade of chocolate brown - for the dining room, not my hair. I am looking forward to the scaffolding being out of our family room!

I played a round of dart tag with Big E today. It's quite funny and it's surprising how into it an adult can get. I find myself squealing when I think I am going to be hit by a dart and cheering and whooping it up when I hit him. CJ is always on my team with a dart gun that has no darts. He's funny because he will hide with me and then say "I'm not going to talk because I don't want Big E to find us" which usually is said loud enough for Big E to find us. Sous Chef tends to watch and tells us where the stray darts land so we don't lose them. If you could see us doing this, you would laugh - we both have on a vest that the darts stick to and we wear protective glasses. Thank God for those glasses because I got hit today and I am pretty sure with the pressure those darts shoot out, it would have taken out my eye!

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