Tuesday, July 24, 2007

Old Friends/New Friends

Today, Big E heard from an old friend. One of the first friends he made when we moved to OP was Adarsh, whose family is Eastern Indian. He was such a nice kid and a good friend to Big E. That was in 2nd grade and 1/2 way through the year, Adarsh's dad was transferred to India! His family was excited, because they were going home. We have kept in touch with them periodically and today we received an e-mail from Adarsh and his mom, Shoba. They are moving back to the US just before school starts. They will be living about an hour from New York City. Big E was so excited to hear from them and has already asked if we can go visit. I hope we can. We had hoped in the years to come, that Big E or all of us would be able to visit them in India, but New York sounds like a much easier trip!

Today, we went to play at a "new" friend's house. I met Mairi through my new chapter of Mothers & More and her son is 7, just like Sous Chef. We went to their house to play and swim in their pool. The kids had a blast and it was nice to get out and visit with new friends!

Tonight, I am going to a Mom's Time Out with M&M. They go out once a month for happy hour or other activities - it sounds like it is usually happy hour, though. A local pub here has cheap, but good, beer on Tuesdays and that seems to be the place of choice. Hopefully, I will get to meet more "new" friends tonight. Unfortunately, the Mom's Night Out, which was dinner, was canceled for Thursday due to a conflict with the restaurant. I was looking forward to two nights out in one week!I am looking forward to making many "new" friends, while keeping in touch with my many "old" friends!

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