Monday, July 30, 2007

Number 81

Generally speaking, the number 81 is not all that important. However, CNN/Money Magazine recently ranked our suburb, my new "home town" number 81 of the Top 100 best cities to live in in the US. Needless to say, it's been hot news here and a hot number. They focused on smaller towns this year vs. past years, when my previous "home town," Overland Park, frequently appeared in the top 10. OP is quite a bit bigger than here and I read early on that the top 100 list this year focused on towns smaller than 75,000 people, I believe.

I went to a board meeting tonight for my new M&M chapter. It was very different from the board meetings I had become used to. It started promptly at 7:00, was over at 9:00 and there was no agenda. Basically the co-leaders and one other person talked and then it was over. Quick and to the point. I kind of miss the old meetings...

Bi E and Sous Chef are going to Pitt later this week for ten days. CJ and I will be hanging out during the days. I've never really had an just one child, at least not by the time they were three. The oldest "only" child I've ever had was Big E until age 2.5, and then Sous Chef was born. Since then, I've always taken care of multiple children. For ten days, it will just be CJ. He will probably miss having Big E and Sous Chef to play with each day, but I bet he will enjoy all of the attention of being an "only" child for over a week!

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