Friday, July 27, 2007

A Hodgepodge of Info

I have failed to mention one of the good things I like about being back in Ohio - I can buy alcohol - beer and wine, and in some cases hard liquor - at the grocery store, gas station, convenient stores and best of all, DRIVE THRU liquor stores! In Kansas, you could get watered down 3.2% beer and malt beverages at the grocery store, but in OH, you get the real deal. No need to go to a licensed liquor store for Mike's! On my way to a game night last week, I had the option of driving through the local drive-thru or running into the gas station for Mike's Hard Lemonade. I missed the drive-thru, so I ran into Ameristop. How convenient!

Our kids are with my parents this evening, so Motorcycle Guy and I went out to dinner. We ate at a newer restaurant in our local community. The restaurant is One and it is located in the old municipal building of the town we live in. It was very yummy and had a unique decor. It was clearly a public works building of the past, with upgrades and changes to make it a nice, "casually upscale" restaurant. Tomorrow we are all off to Columbus - different directions at first, but we will all end up in the same place.

I am still a little sleep deprived from my all nighter with Harry Potter. I am hoping tonight to get some sleep and then to also sleep in in the morning since there will be no kids here to wake me!

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