Thursday, July 19, 2007

A busy day

Today a member of the moms group I belong to came to my house with her son. My kids loved playing with a new friend and I certainly enjoyed having some adult conversation. I belong to a national mothers organization, which I first joined when we moved to Kansas. Thankfully, when moving back, I was able to transfer my membership to my local chapter. I have already been to a meeting and then out for drinks afterwards (my favorite part!), have had two playdates for my kids and am going to a game night tomorrow night.

Motorcycle Guy was home today. He is trying to finish up the unpacking in the basement and I am trying to get our main floor organized. We got most of the main floor together, minus some painting that will be wrapping up this weekend, hopefully. We got our pictures hung, and in some cases, rehung. It's hard to know that you don't like something in a certain place until it's been there for a few minutes, or more. So, one picture was hung three times before I felt it was just right. We have another little grouping to re-do, but then I think we are finished. We rearranged our living room furniture, and it looks quite nice. It could use another small piece of furniture, but that will have to wait and may never happen. Our family room is going to be our biggest challenge. We have more wall space than our previous house and I am afraid the walls may look a little bare for a while. Having the room painted instead of the awful beige that permeated our entire house when we bought it will make a huge difference. We have quite a bit of organizing to do to make it all balance. I have ideas, but until the paint is complete and dry, I won't start worrying more about that. Right now I just have lots of "mental" notes about what I want to do.

I mentioned to some friends a week or so ago, it seems weird to go out to the stores, restaurants or wherever and not see people we know. That was one of the hardest things for me when I moved to Kansas. Having lived in Ohio for 18 years, it was virtually impossible to go somewhere and not see at least one person I knew - either from college, volunteer work, church or my community where I currently lived. Once I started seeing people out in Kansas, I knew I was "settled." I guess since I was only gone three years from "home", I expected to step right back in to seeing people I know. It didn't dawn on me until I was here that I am living in a new community now where I only know a couple of people (and I did see one of them at Wal-Mart once, but she is moving to Indy), further out than before, and that would result in me feeling like a stranger. The places look familiar and I don't get lost like I did when we moved to Kansas, but it is a sea of faces I don't recognize. I look forward to when I don't feel like a stranger any more.

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